Healin' Hollers Herbal Salves and Oils

Chickweed used in Chickweed Salve

Ingredients: Chickweed, Olive Oil,
 Beeswax, Vitamin E


Chickweed Salve
1 oz. glass jar

Healin' Hollers Chickweed Salve - An excellent drawing salve. Apply to insect bites (mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers) and stings (bee, wasp, scorpion) for immediate first aid to draw out poisons and soothe itching and stinging.

Also good for blisters, boils, abscesses, and drawing stubborn splinters. Chickweed Salve can be used on inflammations and is also good for pulling the last bit of infection from wounds that have scabbed over.

Chickweed grows in abundance here in the Ozarks. It can be found in late winter and early spring in yards, pastures, and open fields. We gather and dry it and use the prepared salve all spring and summer on insect bites. If it itches, don't scratch! Rub on Healin' Hollers Chickweed Salve.


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